"Leading with Care"

Our Outreach Partners

A New Vision of Mission

Spurred by ideas percolating throughout the Presbyterian Church in Canada and much discussion of how we might be more effective in focusing time, talent and treasure in the mission of Christ, we have chosen to renew and strengthen relationships with three longtime local, national and international partners. All are also supported by the Presbyterians Sharing program of the national church.

These Three Are:

Tyndale-St. George's Community Centre

A joint mission of the Presbyterian and Anglican churches in Little Burgundy active with community projects for all ages. In a community populated largely by immigrants.
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870 Richmond Square, Montreal, QC, H3J 1V7
: (514) 931-6265

Saskatoon Native Circle Ministry

Our congregation is formally twinned with this mission serving the native urban poor in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

450-20th Street West, Saskatoon, SK, S7M 0X4
: (306) 221-5655 or (306) 244-5231
: The Rev. Folster

Presbyterian World Service and Development

Presbyterian World Service & Development (PWS & D) is the development and relief agency of The Presbyterian Church in Canada. The work of PWS & D includes:

PWS & D works with churches and organizations seeking to transform their communities by promoting justice, peace and the integrity of creation. PWS & D supports people and communities in Africa, Asia, Central America and Eastern Europe according to their need and regardless of their faith.
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We also encourage & support the following agencies in the Montreal area:

Action Réfugiés Montréal

Action Réfugiés Montréal is a faith based organisation seeking justice for refugees. Supported by the Anglican Diocese of Montreal and the Presbyterian Church in Canada, they offer three services that allow refugees to obtain the protection from persecution, which they seek. The programs include: facilitating the sponsorship of refugees from overseas, matching women refugee claimants with volunteers for friendship and learning; and providing legal information, referrals and practical assistance such as phone cards for the men, women and children refugee claimants detained in an Immigration Holding Centre in Laval. Volunteers are welcome.

1439 Ste-Catherine Street West, Suite 2, Montreal, QC, H3G 1S6
: (514) 935-7799
: (514) 935-9848
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Auberge Madeleine

In the early 1980's more and more women were seen sleeping in doorways, and begging in the streets of Montreal. Other women first noticed this worrisome trend. A group of parishioners working within the inter-faith committee commissioned the Reverend Donna Wilson of Christ Church Cathedral to study the problem. The report that resulted, showed that there was a growing network of shelters for homeless men, and for battered women, but that the services available to homeless women did not meet increasing needs. This led to the founding of Auberge Madeleine, a shelter for women who are alone and in difficulty, or homeless, in Montreal.

: (514) 597-1303
: Website

Camp Action Biblique

Camp d'action biblique is a camp of the Presbyterian Church in Canada. Situated on 62 acres, in operation since 1947, the camp offers a Christian atmosphere where children and youth of various denominations can grow in their relationships with each and with God. Its mission is to assist in leading young people to a living faith in Christ and to a continuing discovery of the abundant life of Christian discipleship.

P.O. Box 3154, Richmond, QC, J0B 2H0
: (819) 826-5400
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Chez Doris

Chez Doris is a non-profit organization that offers educational and recreational activities, social services and professional services for women in need.

1430 Chomedey, Montreal, QC H3H 2A7
: (514) 937-2341
: (514) 931-2417
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Christian Direction

Rooted in the revelation of God, the Creator, and empowered by the Holy Spirit, we are followers of Jesus Christ. Passionate for the truth, we strive to incarnate the love of God and love for our neighbor as taught in the Bible.

1450 City Councillors St. Suite 520, Montréal (Québec) H3A 2E6
: (514) 878-3035
: (514) 878-8048
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Concordia University

Multi-faith Chaplaincy at Concordia University exists within the academic community to nurture faith, spirituality and social responsibility, and to provide a pastoral presence, especially for students.

2090 Mackay Street, (Annex Z), Montreal, QC
: (514) 848-2424, ext. 3590
: Website
: The Rev. Ellie Hummel

Dr. Gilles Julien

Assistance aux enfants en difficulté
La Fondation pour la pédiatrie sociale’s (FPS) mission is to collect funds from businesses and the general population, to ensure that les centres de pédiatrie du Québec achieves its goals: These are: supporting the services and programs of les centres de pédiatrie sociale in Hochelaga-deMaisonneuve and Côte-des-neiges, develop new projects in social pediatrics, the promotion in the approach of social pediatrics to those who intervene in the life of children at risk such as teachers, psychologists, doctors, welfare workers, lawyers, judges, police officers and other specialists; sensitizing to the preventive effects of this approach and its excellent cost ratio/benefit for society as well as the deployment of social pediatric centers in other areas of Quebec.

Volunteer opportunities : Les Grands Amis is a "Big Brother, Big Sister” pairing type project. If Interested, call (514) 528-8688.
1601 rue Aylwin, Hochelaga-DeMaisonneuve, Montréal, QC, H1W 3B9
: (514) 527-3777
: Website

Fondation Dollard Cormier

The Dollard-Cormier Foundation raises funds to contribute to the development of the Dollard-Cormier Centre's programs and thus help those who want to regain control of their lives. The Dollard-Cormier Centre is a rehabilitation centre with a mission to improve the health, welfare, quality of life and social integration of people with alcoholism, drug addiction and/or compulsive gambling.

110 Prince-Arthur west, Montreal, QC, H2X 1S7
: (514) 282-5544 (to reach the Foundation)
: (514) 385-1232 (for assistance concerning addiction problems)
: Website

Generations Foundation

To enable children to learn, they must be properly nourished. Every day thousands of children arrive at school hungry because their parents contend with poverty and cannot afford to feed them a proper meal.

C.P. Élysée 89023, Laval, QC H7W 5K1
: (514) 933-8585 or (450) 686-0861
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Isaiah 40 Foundation

The Isaiah 40 Foundation is a Christian organization with headquarters in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, which believes the Lordship of Jesus Christ can be exercised over every aspect of life, to renew and integrate the broken pieces of our lives in His love and mercy through the power of the Holy Spirit to the glory of God the Father.

5867 Cote St. Antoine Road, Montreal, QC, H4A 1S4
: (514) 485-8540
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L'Abri en Ville

The mission at L'Abri en Ville is to provide a stable and fulfilling environment for persons with a mental illness through safe, affordable housing and inclusion in a supportive community. They believe in a society in which persons can be full, contributing members despite a mental illness.

2100 Marlowe Ave., suite 650, Montreal, QC, H4A 3L5
: (514) 932-2199
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La Vie Chrétienne

La Vie Chrétienne is a quarterly magazine that serves both as a communications link, a teaching tool and an encouragement for reflection on matters of faith and practical living for French speaking Presbyterians in North America. Its readers include the members of several French speaking Presbyterian congregations in Canada and in the US, individuals from other congregations interested in the Reformed faith and many francophones who worship in English Presbyterian churches. It is a useful tool to communicate news and official notices from within the Presbyterian world, but its focus is much more on practical Christian living.

As the magazine celebrates its 60th anniversary in 2011, we rejoice in our past successes and in the encouragement the magazine has long provided to French Protestant believers who often feel isolated, especially here in Quebec, but the editorial team is taking the opportunity to invite feedback from its readers and stakeholders about how it might best continue to serve them in the near future.

Yves Casgrain, coordonnateur à la rédaction
5790 17è Avenue, Montréal, QC, H1X 2R7
: Website

McGill University Chaplaincy

Chaplaincy is committed to assisting individuals or groups in achieving spiritual growth and personal maturity within a university environment without proselytizing or coercion.

: (514) 398-4104
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Presbyterian College

The Presbyterian College is a theological College of the Presbyterian Church in Canada and a member of the McGill University Consortium of theological colleges. Its primary goal is to educate candidates for the ministry of The Presbyterian Church in Canada. The College seeks to be a centre for education and research in Reformed theology, attracting students from churches in Canada, the U.S.A. and elsewhere.

3495 University Street, Montreal, QC, H3A 2A8
: (514) 288-5256
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St. Andrews Homes Auxiliary

The St. Andrew's Homes is one of the long-term care facilities for seniors governed and financed by the Quebec Ministry of Health and Social Services. It's mission is to minister to the needs of the Homes and to contribute to the residents' welfare. It plans and coordinates regular activities for residents: bingo, monthly birthday parties, visits, and several special events throughout the year. Volunteers are always welcomed to visit residents, escort them for shopping, and help run activities, etc.

Ms. Pauline Morehouse, Director of Recreation
Loc. 309 3350 Cavendish Blvd., Montreal, QC, H4B 2M7
: (514) 489-8190

St. James Drop In Centre

Since October 1985, the St-James Drop-In Centre on the third floor of St. James United Church in Montreal has catered to people dealing with issues related to homelessness, mental illness and addiction.

The St-James Drop In Centre is excited to be moving forward with their new transitional employment program StreetSuds, la Buanderue Community Laundry Service. StreetSuds will hire formally homeless people to wash, dry & fold, pick-up and deliver laundry from local businesses. By training these program participants in the laundry industry as well as through a series of lifeskills training workshops, St-James will be able to help them transition to more generous & productive lifestyles. In addition, they will have the compassionate support of their Team Leader & mentor, a extremely competent man we have hired who himself has a history of homelessness. The project has been developed over the past 14 months, and we have finally reached a place where we are able to move forward. St-James is pleased to announce that they have managed to raise all the money required for their start-up costs and will be beginning renovations to open April 1st 2012.

1435, rue City Councillors, Montréal, QC H3A 2E4
: (514) 288-0039
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St. Michael's Mission

Providing front-line services to downtown Montreal's homeless and low-income population. Breakfast, snack and lunch are served, hot showers and hygiene products are available 5 times a week, as well as fresh clothes being available 3 times a week. Our food bank is open after every 15th until month's end for people with a valid proof of address.Counselling and referral services are offered, as well as nursing care twice a month by Medcins du Monde. Haircuts available Tuesdays & Wednesdays. Art Therapy on Thursdays. Library open 5 days a week. Open from 8am to 12:15pm 5 days a week.

137 President Kennedy Ave., Montreal, QC, H2X
: (514) 844-8127
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The Open Door

The Open Door is a Westmount-based drop-in centre and a ministry of St. Stephen's Anglican Church. Its Mission is "to share the love of our Lord Jesus Christ through the operation of a drop-in centre that provides food, clothing, friendship and counsel to those in need".

4006 Dorchester Blvd., Rene-Levesque and Atwater, Westmount, QC, H3Z 1Y5
: (514) 939-1970
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The Yellow Door

The Yellow Door offers a wide variety of programs responding to needs in the McGill and Milton Park communities. Among them...

Elderly Project
Since 1972 our volunteers have been helping homebound seniors by providing services that ease the day-to-day problems caused by isolation and lack of mobility. Weekly friendly visits encourage young and old to develop warm relationships and share life experiences. Yellow Door volunteers also escort seniors to appointments, help with grocery shopping and run other errands. Note: No vehicle is necessary. We need both English and French volunteers. Must be at least 18 years old, and must be willing to commit to 2-4 hours of week of volunteer time.
Coordinators : Louise Pelletier - Outreach services, Sonia Nizza - Activities.

For more information on all Yellow Door activities and programs please contact Pietro Bozzo at (514) 845-2600 ext. 1 or at by e-mail.

: (514) 845-2600
: Website
: E-Mail

Presbyterians Sharing

The budget of The Presbyterian Church in Canada, a good portion of which is used to support projects in Canada, China, Taiwan, Japan, India, Nepal, Nigeria, Malawi, Lesotho, South Africa, Kenya, Mauritius, Zaire, Mozambique, Nicaragua, Guyana and the Middle East.

Ten Ministers Fund

A Lenten collection, begun by The Reverend R.J. Berlis, which provides gifts of money each year to ten ministers of our church on the minimum stipend.

Additional financial contributions to local agencies also flow from our church's Berlis Fund, our church's Guild, the Church School and the WMS, in addition to thousands of hours of voluntary service by members of our congregation on Boards, Committees and Auxiliaries throughout Montreal to further good causes in our community.